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Workshop mzTab for Metabolomics

We are happy to confirm the MzTab for Metabolomics meeting on March 6th in Tübingen. Our aim is to drive

reporting of metabolomic results further using a standardized,

open, easy accessible and human readable tabular

format. MzTab (version 1.0) already provides basic support

for reporting small molecules that we plan to extend and

harmonize with the more advanced reporting scheme for

proteins and peptides available in MzTab.



University of Tübingen, Sand 1, Room A104.

Link to Maps:


Agenda Wednesday, March 5th 2014

19:00 Workshop dinner downtown (Sponsored by COSMOS)

Agenda Thursday, March 6th 2014

9:00 Welcome

        Brief history of mzTab for proteomics

        Morning session I: Challenges and requirements for mzTab in metabolomics

          Requirements from a quantification point-of-view

          Requirements from an identification point-of-view

          Requirements from a repository point-of-view

10:30 (Coffee)

11:00 Morning session II: mzTab structure for metabolomics

          Discussion on small molecule sections similar to proteomics

          Discussion on summary vs. complete identification and quantification mzTab files

          Discussion of required/optional meta values / columns in the 4 different files

12:30 (Lunch + coffee + hallway-session)

14:00 Afternoon session I: ion species and identification

          Discussion of ion species annotation

          Discussion of structure/database reporting of identification results

15:30 (Coffee)

16:00 Afternoon session II: Software support and standardisation process

          What’s required in OpenMS, XCMS, maltcms, Metabolights, ISAcreator plugin, ...

          Further standardisation process and publication roadmap

          Wrapup and assignment of Todos

17:30 End of official workshop

19:00 Workshop dinner downtown (not included)



Self organised, check out the Tübingen tourist information 

Some recommendations (old city part of town but easily accessible by bus line 2 which stops at Neckarbrücke and Sand Drosselweg):

Hotel Hospiz (next to the castle - 7 min. walk to bus station at Neckarbrücke)

Hotel am Schloss (next to the castle - 7 min. walk to bus station at Neckarbrücke)

Hotel Domizil (next to the river Neckar - 1 min. walk to bus station at Neckarbrücke)

Hotel Krone (next to the river Neckar - 1 min. walk to bus station at Neckarbrücke)