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SherLoc2 Download

The current stand-alone version of SherLoc2 uses EpiLoc via http, which has no drawbacks since this step requires only about a second. Moreover, the DiaLoc option to describe your protein is currently only available in the online version of SherLoc2.
In the near future we will integrate EpiLoc including DiaLoc into the stand-alone version.

SherLoc2-26-10-2009.tar.gz (128 MB)


SherLoc2 is distributed under the GNU General Public License.

Note, that the current online version of this service uses Python 2.5.1, LIBSVM 2.8, BLAST 2.2.14 and InterProScan 4.4. Using other versions of these tools, especially of BLAST and InterProScan, in your local installation may result in slightly different prediction scores compared to those calculated by the online service.