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More Information

Data Sets

The data sets used for traning and testing the MultiLoc2 predictors are available from the MultiLoc and BaCelLo web sites.

The additionally created second independent data set including the extracellular, plasma membrane, peroxisomal, ER, Golgi apparatus, lysosomal and vacuolar localizations is available here:

organism localization fasta file cluster file
animal extracellular animal_h30_ext.fasta animal_h30_ext.cluster
animal plasma membrane animal_h30_pm.fasta animal_h30_pm.cluster
animal peroxisomal animal_h30_per.fasta animal_h30_per.cluster
animal ER animal_h30_er.fasta animal_h30_er.cluster
animal Golgi apparatus animal_h30_gol.fasta animal_h30_gol.cluster
animal lysosomal animal_h30_lys.fasta animal_h30_lys.cluster
fungi extracellular fungi_h30_ext.fasta fungi_h30_ext.cluster
fungi plasma membrane fungi_h30_pm.fasta fungi_h30_pm.cluster
fungi peroxisomal fungi_h30_per.fasta fungi_h30_per.cluster
fungi ER fungi_h30_er.fasta fungi_h30_er.cluster
fungi Golgi apparatus fungi_h30_gol.fasta fungi_h30_gol.cluster
fungi vacuolar fungi_h30_vac.fasta fungi_h30_vac.cluster
plant extracellular plant_h40_ext.fasta plant_h40_ext.cluster
plant plasma membrane plant_h40_pm.fasta plant_h40_pm.cluster
plant peroxisomal plant_h40_per.fasta plant_h40_per.cluster
plant ER plant_h40_er.fasta plant_h40_er.cluster
plant Golgi apparatus plant_h40_gol.fasta plant_h40_gol.cluster
plant vacuolar plant_h40_vac.fasta plant_h40_vac.cluster

Used Gene Ontology Terms

The used GO terms are available in the files below:

MultiLoc2 version organism GO terms file
MultiLoc2-LowRes animals multiloc2-lowres_animal_go_terms.txt
fungi multiloc2-lowres_fungi_go_terms.txt
plants multiloc2-lowres_plant_go_terms.txt
MultiLoc2-HighRes animals multiloc2-highres_animal_go_terms.txt
fungi multiloc2-highres_fungi_go_terms.txt
plants multiloc2-highres_plant_go_terms.txt