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Grid Computing

Grid Computing is a novel utility computing infrastructure which meets the rising demand for compute power and storage in bioinformatics. In order to address these computational needs, we are working on parallel/distributed computing and grid computing. Portals are necessary to make these computational tools accessible, in particular to our experimental partners.

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MoSGrid - Molecular Simulation Grid

The goal of the BMBF-funded project MoSGrid is to provide users with Grid services for molecular simulation tools via a portal. To this end we use the D-Grid-infrastructure to implement high-performance computing, the annotation of results, and data mining in the area of molecular simulations and docking.


Portals in the Life Sciences

Using web and Grid services often requires advanced computing skills and specific resources. To provide those users without the necessary technical background with an intuitive user interface for a variety of applications, we are developing a framework based on a workflow-enabled portal utilising a Grid infrastructure and web services.


Parallel and Distributed Algorithms

We analyse existing algorithms out of the fields of genomics and phylogenetics to parallelise the compute-intense modules. Dependent on the algorithm and the aimed resources, we use different techniques for the parallelisation e.g., POSIX threads, GPU programming.


People working in this area:

Luis de la GarzaJens Krüger


Selected publications: