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Welcome to the Kohlbacher lab!

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The group of Oliver Kohlbacher was established in 2003 and is primarily working on computer-aided drug design, immunoinformatics, structural bioinformatics as well as bioinformatics applications in proteomics, metabolomics and systems biology. The group collaborates closely with a large number of experimental groups to gain access to up-to-date and relevant datasets.

Besides classical structural bioinformatics methods, we are focused on the use of combinatorial optimization, graph theoretic approaches and machine learning. To make the methods we develop accessible to a larger audience, we contribute to several larger open-source software projects, e.g., BALL (structural bioinformatics), OpenMS (proteomics) and BN++/BiNA (network analysis).

Most recent publications:

Kahles, A, Lehmann, K, Toussaint, NC, Hüser, M, Stark, S, Sachsenberg, T, Stegle, O, Kohlbacher, O, Sander, C, TCGA PanCanAtlas Network, G, and Rätsch (accepted). Comprehensive Analysis of Alternative Splicing Across Tumors from 8,705 Patients. Cancer Cell.

Löffler, MW, Kowalewski, DJ, Backert, L, Bernhardt, J, Adam, P, Schuster, H, Dengler, F, Backes, D, Kopp, H, Beckert, S, Wagner, S, Königsrainer, I, Kohlbacher, O, Kanz, L, Königsrainer, A, Rammensee, H, Stevanovic, S, and Haen, SP (accepted). Mapping the HLA ligandome of Colorectal Cancer Reveals an Imprint of Malignant Cell Transformation. Cancer Res..

Recent news:

Bioinformatics in the Cloud: The German Network for Bioinformatics Infrastructure has been expanded and our lab is coordinating a part of it.

Google Summer of Code 2018 (GSoC): Google accepted O|B|F and NRNB as mentoring organizations. You can apply NOW!